Tuesday, April 20, 2010

talented people

when you find yourself surrounded by obscenely talented people on a regular basis, it can be a little daunting (unless of course you are just as if not more talented they are) which i am certainly not. but it is also very educational and gratifying when you get to reflect on how lucky you are. one positive thing i have noticed during this recession is the dearth of talented people who are no longer shackled to their cubicle and have finally let that talent loose on the world. so, without further adieu here are just a few of my most favorite talented people. enjoy!
the dixons: haig, hazel, steve, & cheryl
i was going to put a picture of steve alone since he's the focus, but i came across this one. steves beloved mother hazel passed away recently. she was an amazing woman that always watched out for "her boys"

graphic artist by day, REAL artist by other days. one of steves hydrangeas

ummm......a tree

a rose gracing the wall of openhouse gallery at our launch party almost one year ago

would rather be doing that right now, but i digress 

......next up

 sierra & juliet of poppies & posies fame

poppies, naturally


colorful flowers......(one may be a peonies)

less colorful flowers......

moving on....

memphis (aka tully)
    not only does she have the cutest little gluten fee bakeshop ive  ever seen but the shit is good (sorry bout the language but it  had to be emphatic)

 i never thought gluten free and awesome cupcakes could be used in   the same sentence but she turned me

anyone care to guess what her daughters room will look like the day she has a child?

buy some. trust me!!

last but definitely not least......

whitney & dustin of oh! darling photography

im guessing a wedding

bits & pieces



Monday, April 12, 2010

collaboration carnival

some people say im antisocial. i counter with i generally just dont like people. semantics i guess.  so, i try to let my girl handle the networking stuff. as an extension of the networking event she planned and hosted, was the faux wedding shoot.  i wasnt heavily involved but i did enjoy working with the various vendors involved that included whitney & dustin of darling dexter and oh! darling, maria from lela ny, patty from something different party rentals, and jackie from merciny. of course, the the shoot was amazing! check out these pics from the event. 

quail egg nest

  spring sweet pea risotto, foraged mushrooms, quail egg 
               by stuart & welch catering

terrarium centerpieces by poppies & posies

       birch bark candles from portsmouth candle company

organic sweets table by merciny

bouquets by poppies & posies
makeup by lauren napier

cupcakes from tu-lus gluten free bakery

handcrafted invitations by lelany

hand caligraphied menus by janelle sing

fire escape at the x-change

customized biscotti by merciny

boutonnière by poppies & posies

photographs by oh! darling & michael steifman