Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hardware Harmony

Stuart and Welch had the recent opportunity to team up with Domestic ConstructionPoppies & PosiesClean Wash Letterpress and Lovely Bride to create a theme wedding inspired by objects procured from a hardware store or metal shop.  This ensemble of experts in their various fields brought their unique visions for the theme to the table in a way that fully complemented one another and ended up with a truly inspired, whimsical, fantasy wedding. 

The eye candy of the event would have to have been the creative décor by Poppies & Posies.  The pairing of seemingly contrasting heavy metal objects such as lead pipes and anvils with pretty and feminine florals, created a lively centerpiece certain to amuse and delight guests as well as get them smiling and chatting with each other. 

The understated stationery by Clean Wash Letterpress used simple designs to tie together the literal and metaphorical hardware connection.  Place cards with simple nail outlines and menus inscribed with a handsaw illustrated the couples desire for a down-to-earth shindig that was both thoughtful and complete. 

For our part, figuring out a menu that fit into a hardware theme wedding wound up being quite enjoyable.  I used one element you’d find in a hardware store in each dish, such as a fresh herb salad with “blowtorched” manchego toast, slow roasted salmon with “hacksawed” carrots, roasted cippolinis, and pumpkin vinaigrette, and seared lamb loin with stuffed squash blossoms and “painted” currant compote. 

Though a hardware theme wedding may not for everyone, this event showed even those of us who have done hundreds of weddings that nothing is out of the question.  What one client considers elegant another might find cliché, and what one might find strange another sees as enchanting.  The beauty of planning a wedding is that it is entirely up to the couple to determine how they want to remember their day.  


Soapier said...

What a great blog post and yes the hardware wedding is unusual but then again it gets the creative juices flowing.