Friday, March 26, 2010

my girl rocks!!

by now, most people are getting to know the sierra yaun & juliet totten from poppies & posies floral & event design and their amazing design and creativity.  i have been watching closely as their profile has exploded over the past year. yes, its because sierra is my girlfriend. would i really be paying attention to floral design and wedding blogs if she wasnt? hell no! but im glad i do, because it has opened my eyes to a world that i, as a caterer, need to immerse myself in. there are many many times when i need sierra to translate chick lingo for me.  when they came up with the idea to do a networking event & faux wedding shoot to connect and market some of their favorite local vendors, i was obviously on board in whatever capacity. at first, i thought it would just be a few of us like jackie from merci ny, dustin & whitney from oh! darling, and a couple others. but when the list of attendees rapidly increased to include wedding bloggers such as Vane from Brooklyn Bride, Anne Chertoff of From I Will to I Do, Jillian from 100 Layer Cake, Maria from Lela New York & Kimberly from Inspired Goodness as well as grace & amy from design sponge & jen huang from
(whose photos i used for this post) it became clear that my girl is a bonafide rock star.

Friday, March 19, 2010


we had an event last night for a huge company that does lots of events. so, needless to say this one was important. especially, we had been shot down to do a holiday party for them in december that we really needed.  so, when i got the call about this event i was pretty skeptical. yet somehow, we got it without so much as a tasting.  the importance of it going well was imperative to say the least.  so, when they picked a menu that included several items we had never done before, my nerves were a bit frayed.  the items we had never done before, like the white clam pizza were a huge hit!  so, enjoy some photos of the success.
from left to right: steamed pork buns, the roof, cheese board, white clam pizza, cheese, duck springs, deviled eggs
 caesar salad, beet tartare, cheese, grilled shrimp, more cheese!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

72 hours part 1

7:30am. have to get out of bed. dp dinner tonight.rose 1990. rose 2000. tasty. some wealthy real estate dudes house. four story, newly remodeled town house. west village. ridiculous. cant touch anything. whatever. colin cowies people are here. tables almost done. black linens. black vases, deep red roses. purple callas. rose petals. not my style by a long shot. very chic though. 

ok, time to serve. dinners going well. no mishaps. richard comes down. time for the the turkish delight ice cream. somethings wrong. all the guests are getting their coats. theyr're leaving?!?!? 

they have a concert to go to. phooey. need to pack up and get home. much to do. home at midnight. havent packed. im broke. need to get to airport by five am for six thirty flight. time to hustle. need caffeine. have a coke. have a coffee. done working. packed. ready to go. three thirty am. cars coming up four thirty. no sleep tonight.  jfk and catch a flight before the snowstorm landed. Havent slept yet. major snowstorm barreling towards ny. all flights after ours cancelled. cars here. good to go. on to jfk. get there early. wait out side a bit. screw it. im checking in. they'll meet me by the gate. got boarding pass. got through security. on to the gate. sit down. deep breath. exhausted. twenty hours non stop. sleep on plane? never easy for me. planes boarding. they're not here yet. at last. they all get here. good morning i say.  im going to get on the plane. try to sleep. idiots abound. this one thinks his turntable case will fit overhead. unless youre cutting it half with a chainsaw it aint gonna fit. cant sit. another idiot trying to jam something on the overhead. ass in front of me thinks its his airline. telling this one what to do. telling that one what to do. this is the most uncomfortable seat ever. not gonna sleep. crap. im gonna have a meltdown. must stand and stretch. cant sit in that damn seat. cant land fast enough. suns coming up. gonna be a long day.
why do i do this???