Saturday, February 20, 2010

a creative cooks paradise

living in new york, people like to talk about how you can get just about anything you want 24 hours a day.  but when you need something super specific, at least in my case, and im sure most true new Yorkers will agree, it can be maddening and damn near impossible to find that much needed item.  when it comes to cooking, it can be even more even more strenuous, especially when you really need something that is a staple item.  for all the amazing specialty stores we have, they basically all carry the same products, just with different packaging.  over the past year, I have become infatuated with cooking middle eastern, Indian, and asian style food (by asian, I don’t mean stir fry & tempura) not that I don’t enjoy either.  if you’ve ever looked through cookbooks about these cuisines you probably find that the ingredients are completely foreign to you.  now, if you have been to Kalustyans ( on 28th & Lexington, you are truly missing out on a goldmine.  the reason I am writing about this now, is because on Monday & Tuesday next week, we will be assisting the executive of the dom perignon chateau and the head winemaker launch their latest rose vintages.  needless to say, I am preety excited. I have worked with them before but not with my own company.  so, the menu they have created for this is inspired by the silk road that runs through india, morocco, turkey, and Lebanon and was used as shipping route for spices and other goods.  so, of course I found every ingredient I needed and some ive never heard of at kalustyans.  from cubeb berries, ras el hanout, mango powder, orange blossom water and more. I highly recommend a stop to the second floor for lunch if you have the time. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

food & photography

in the world of high end catering,  food photos are extremely important.  unlike restaurants, people looking for caterers almost always want to see a website and photos of past events.  which is one reason why i take my own photos when we have an event.  i dont want to pay someone to come and shoot the food unless it is a bigtime event that calls for a professional, which i am surely not.  but i do take a good picture. especially close ups which are my favorite. theres something about a good, vivid, close up of particular foods that makes my mouth water.  so, here are some of my favorite food shots ive taken over our first year in business.


Monday, February 15, 2010

black & white

for some unknown reason i cant enough of black & 
white photos. something about them just makes me all warm & fuzzy. i cant put my finger on why. maybe its just one of those classic things i believe should never go out of style; like flasks, pocket watches and muscle cars. so lately i have been taking all my digital photos and converting them to black and white. just thought id share them on this nostalgic presidents day.