Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We are Heros

On what was one of the last sunny, warm weekends of the year (so sad), Stuart and Welch spent an awesome day covering Nature Needs Heros, an event for Timberland at Governor’s Island.  Launching a new line of eco-friendly footwear (made with recycled materials) for magazine & blog editors, the event was outdoorsy and picnic-y feeling, and we wanted the food to reflect the spirit of the event.  

The booths and bars made of repurposed shipping containers complemented our own use of Mason jars, old crates, barrels, logs, tins and lots of other reusable materials that both cut down on waste and, happily, look antique-chic.  

Mini savory quiches, salmon toasts, hearty salads and rustic sandwiches with lots of filling choices were the perfect on-the-go fare for the busy participants.  

And, by way of a PSA, never forget that a surprising and tasty drink can really make a big impression at an event.   The guests at the Timberland event went CRAZY for our homemade ginger ale and our peach-lemon verbena-basil sweet tea.  It was even mentioned in some of the blogs that covered the event.

Finally, if you’ll forgive the tooting our own horn, check out the E-mail we received from the coordinator of the event….
“ The event yesterday was SUCH a big success - the Timberland folks are like, seriously, over the moon and the amazing food was a HUGE part of our success! THANK YOU!

Literally EVERY person I've spoken to raved about the food + drinks! I'll send you more coverage as it comes, but check out some nice pics of the food in this coverage (straight food pics + drinks in folks' hands).  People DO NOT normally cover food at a fashion event - all a testament to the power of Stuart and Welch!”


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