Saturday, February 13, 2010

one of those hidden treasures

like everybody else, i am thoroughly enjoy finding those neighborhood hidden spots that few people know about.  living in the prospects heights area of brooklyn has its pros & cons; but the fact that the neighborhood is slowly transforming these types of places start popping up little by little.  by far my favorite so far is a little bakery called lily & fig.  located on franklin ave between sterling & park, it is certainly not a destination spot. shortly after moving here and exploring the neighborhood i passed by the shop several times before i finally ventured in.  they don’t have many items but what they do have is about as good as anything i've tried before.  i picked up a couple cupcakes for me and my baby.  plus a big chocolate chip cookie that was still warm.  they were amazing! seriously amazing! i like to think of myself as a connoisseur of cupcakes.  ok, i'm a cupcake snob. so what, sue me. my favorites have always been billys, baked by melissa, and cupcake cafe.  sorry if this offends anyone but magnolia is my least favorite.  i was out and about today running some errands and decided to stop in on my way home. the display case was nearly empty, and my heart sank because i was really excited to get my baby her favorite red velvet cupcakes. i asked lily if she was out. she told me they had just come out of the oven were cooling so she could put the frosting on. JACKPOT!! i also grabbed a loaf of artisan bread that me and my dog have not stopped eating since i got home.  if you are ever in this neighborhood, you must stop in.


Katya said...

Thanks for the write-up. I'm honored to supply a man and his dog.
-the bread baker