Thursday, February 11, 2010

tully's gluten free bakery is open for business!

being a chef, i can be a food snob at times.  whenever i was working in a restaurant i used to bitch incessantly about people who were gluten intolerant, or had a laundry list of food allergies.  i was young, arrogant, and stupid. what can i say. i have become somewhat more tolerant in my old age.  when i found out an old friend i had worked with was starting her own gluten free baked goods company i was a bit skeptical but excited for her nonetheless.  as it turns out, she wound up sharing a kitchen space with us for a few months before venturing into the retail business.  needless to say, i had the opportunity to sample some of her baked goodies and was pretty astounded at how frikkin good they were!! so, this monday her store finally opened in the east village on 11th street between 1st & 2nd.  i highly suggest stopping by if youre in the neighborhood. GO TULLY!