Friday, March 26, 2010

my girl rocks!!

by now, most people are getting to know the sierra yaun & juliet totten from poppies & posies floral & event design and their amazing design and creativity.  i have been watching closely as their profile has exploded over the past year. yes, its because sierra is my girlfriend. would i really be paying attention to floral design and wedding blogs if she wasnt? hell no! but im glad i do, because it has opened my eyes to a world that i, as a caterer, need to immerse myself in. there are many many times when i need sierra to translate chick lingo for me.  when they came up with the idea to do a networking event & faux wedding shoot to connect and market some of their favorite local vendors, i was obviously on board in whatever capacity. at first, i thought it would just be a few of us like jackie from merci ny, dustin & whitney from oh! darling, and a couple others. but when the list of attendees rapidly increased to include wedding bloggers such as Vane from Brooklyn Bride, Anne Chertoff of From I Will to I Do, Jillian from 100 Layer Cake, Maria from Lela New York & Kimberly from Inspired Goodness as well as grace & amy from design sponge & jen huang from
(whose photos i used for this post) it became clear that my girl is a bonafide rock star.


Merci New York said...

obvi she is a rockstar, michael! ;) poppies + posies doesn't mess around! They get stuff DONE! I'm forever a groupie.