Friday, March 19, 2010


we had an event last night for a huge company that does lots of events. so, needless to say this one was important. especially, we had been shot down to do a holiday party for them in december that we really needed.  so, when i got the call about this event i was pretty skeptical. yet somehow, we got it without so much as a tasting.  the importance of it going well was imperative to say the least.  so, when they picked a menu that included several items we had never done before, my nerves were a bit frayed.  the items we had never done before, like the white clam pizza were a huge hit!  so, enjoy some photos of the success.
from left to right: steamed pork buns, the roof, cheese board, white clam pizza, cheese, duck springs, deviled eggs
 caesar salad, beet tartare, cheese, grilled shrimp, more cheese!